Faisalabad: Talal Chaudhry injured in uncertain event

Talal Chaudhry
File Photo of Ex-Minister Talal Chouhadry PMLN Pakistan

PML-N stalwart Talal Chaudhry is under treatment at a hospital in Lahore after an uncertain incident in Faisalabad, which the politician claims left him with a fractured arm.

According to police, the incident occurred on September 24, at 3am.

In a video obtained by Geo News, Chaudhry can be seen speaking to police officers outside a residence, complaining of a broken arm.

“They snatched away my phone and recorded videos of me,” he tells them.

Chaudhry, upon being probed for information, says that he had been called over in connection with party work, without disclosing whose residence he is at.

At one point in the video, he can also be heard telling the police officers that they may “note down the contacts of all ‘their’ women and call over whomever they wish [to verify facts]”.

“I am standing right here,” he says, before saying that when his phone is recovered, “the truth will be revealed”.

He then asks the police officers to take the matter to the senior superintendent of police, upon which a call can be seen being made by one of the officers to a superior.

The Faisalabad city police officer (CPO) told Geo News that no party has yet sought the registration of a case.

Meanwhile, the brother of the MNA lawmaker in question spoke to Geo News as well, refuting all reports of a scuffle with Chaudhry. “We have brotherly relations with Talal. We condemn such violence,” he said.

According to a Geo News correspondent, when police arrived at the residence, friends and family of the woman lawmaker were standing there along with Chaudhry and the party’s district president Mian Qasim.

Chaudhry was injured, and he said that he was beaten, after being called to the location. On the contrary, the woman’s side maintained that the PML-N leader tried to forcefully enter her residence.

Both parties subsequently disbursed after reaching an agreement.

When Geo News contacted Chaudhry’s brother, he said that unidentified men attacked the PML-N leader and he has sustained injuries for which he has been admitted to a hospital in Lahore.

According to the brother, Chaudhry will speak about the matter later in the day.

As news of the incident spread, what was an alleged scuffle, turned murkier with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aide on political communication Shahbaz Gill, saying: “Talal Chaudhry harassing a female MNA is highly regrettable.”

“The government will take action and protect her from this thuggery,” he said, urging the Faisalabad police to take prompt action. Moreover, he asked that security be posted at the female lawmaker’s residence and the matter be probed at the earliest.

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