Shafqat Mehmood’s daughter getting messages from people regarding exams – News Reports

Pakistanis have started dropping messages for actress Tara Mehmood to influence her dad to permit universities to carry exams online, each day after several publications reported that she is Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood’s daughter.

Several students have taken to the streets in Lahore and other cities to demand exams be held online, thanks to the coronavirus situation within the country. Some protests have led to a clash between police and students.

Tara Mehmood, who is sort of active on Instagram, had shared pictures of her parents on her profile within the recent past. Tara had taken to Instagram to share an image of her father, Shafqat Mahmood, and her mother, from her profile a few of weeks ago.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the scholars who, after checking out that Tara is that the minister’s daughter, bombarded her with messages on Instagram, urging her to influence him to permit online exams.

Here is how they reacted:

So far, the actress has not responded to the messages. However, the education minister did tweet today about online exams, after the incident involving the protesting students and police made headlines.

Mehmood had taken to Twitter to state: “Some university students are demanding that their exams should be online as they have been studying online.

“This is a decision for the universities to make, but I have asked HEC to consult VCs and see if it is possible given special circumstances this year,” he had said.

The minister had added that universities “should also assess whether they have the technical ability to conduct online exam for all students, stressing that no student should be left behind.

“No one can be left behind. It is also necessary to ensure that the online exam system is not misused to get easy grades,” he wrote. “Preparing good question papers/ assessment is important.”

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