UK Covid-19: Lockdown ‘a success’ but UK ‘not out of the woods’

The current lockdown has been a hit but the united kingdom is “not out of the woods” yet, the top of the Office for National Statistics has warned.

National statistician Prof Sir Ian Diamond said there had been “very strong reductions” just in case numbers.

But within the north-east and east of England the decline has “flattened off, potentially”, he told the BBC.

Other areas, just like the South West and South East, have continued to ascertain cases decline, Prof Diamond said.

The Office for National Statistics conducts a survey of thousands of households to measure the spread of coronavirus.

There has been a decline within the number of cases within the UK, with the foremost recent figures, reported on Saturday, showing an extra 6,040 positive tests.

The number of deaths within the UK has also been falling, with an extra 158 within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test reported within the latest government figures.

This has coincided with the success of the UK’s vaccination programme, which has seen two-fifths of adults receive a primary dose thus far .

Lockdowns are in situ across the united kingdom since early January. On Monday, restrictions in England will begin to be eased as many pupils return to high school .

Prof Diamond said: “I think this lockdown has been a hit but at an equivalent time, while we’ve seen major reductions, we are still relatively high.

“I’m in considerably the view that we should always do everything we will to not blow it nationally.

“We have done fantastically well within the last few months but we aren’t completely out of the woods yet.”

He added that it had been “very difficult” to figure out the difference between the impact of the lockdown and therefore the vaccination scheme, but it had been clear both were working in reducing the amount of cases.

Deaths from coronavirus have fallen by 41% during a week, while hospital admissions have seen their fastest ever fall, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Friday.

He said the typical number of cases was 6,685 per day, rock bottom since late September.

‘UK’s Balancing act’

Meanwhile, an communicable disease expert said the “next few weeks are getting to be crucial” for keeping infection rates down with the complete reopening of faculties .

Dr Mike Tildesley, a member of the government’s SPI-M modelling advisory panel, told Times Radio the R number – which shows the speed at which coronavirus is spreading – would rise when children return to their classrooms, but the continuing progress of vaccinations would cause it to scale back .

He said: “We do got to get this balancing act correct and that we got to open up at the speed of vaccinations and keep the R number in restraint , because it were.

“Definitely things are occupation the proper direction but subsequent few weeks are getting to be crucial for us to watch what happens when schools open.”

There are concerns about getting parental consent for Covid tests before pupils’ return to colleges . A survey found quite half secondary head teachers had faced difficulties getting parental approval thus far .

Questions are raised too about the accuracy of the rapid lateral flow tests getting used , while critics of masks for older pupils say they’re going to harm learning.

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