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Hello, Guys, today we are going to discuss Whatsapp plus (Third Party) apk and all its features. We will also let you know, is it safe to use this WhatsApp plus app (Third Party). Basically, lots of people want extra features in WhatsApp but the official WhatsApp have limited features, But you can find extra features in mod WhatsApp apps like Whatsapp Plus and other mod WhatsApp applications so for the sake of extra and amazing features people download third-party WhatsApp apps like yo WhatsApp, Gb WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus.

Device Requirements

  • You need Android 4.0 (Jelly bean) or above
  • You don’t need root access for this app
  • This app is only available for android

Whatsapp plus Interface

WhatsApp Plus

Although this app has a simple interface and if you are already a WhatsApp user than you can easily use WhatsApp plus but while starting, you may find some difficulties while accessing extra features of this app but right after the usage of one week you can easily manage all the cool settings available in this app.

Cool Features of WhatsApp plus

Theme Changer

This Program permits users to choose themes, which can be unique, flexible, and attractive to eyes. The whole UI is amazing and totally customizable. You may select the colour of the menus button and a lot more. The official WhatsApp Application does not permit any customization and any theme change. That’s why people who want to use extra features download mods apk of WhatsApp and especially Yo Whatsapp and WhatsApp plus. There are over five hundred themes out there from the App. And you do not need to download themes separately.


Privacy is a major concern for everyone who is using WhatsApp or any other social media application. In this app, You can hide your last seen and status no one will able to see you last seen and even you can freeze your last seen at a specific time, for example, your permanent last seen is  2 July 2019, prevent people from knowing when you have seen their text messages or voice notes or videos and even status.  but none of the above features you can use in original WhatsApp like freeze seen, prevent people from knowing that you have seen their messages that why people prefer this mod app.

Data Share Facility

Official WhatsApp only allows you to share 16MB files but WhatsApp plus allow you to share more than 50Mb files with your friends and family so this is an extra and amazing feature.


You can find in build cleaner for cleaning or removing your files which are extra like useless pictures voice note etc

How to Download

First of all, you need to download the latest apk from the following link and allow unknown sources from the setting of your android device.

But for the updates, You should regularly(after new updates) visit NewsReportsInt.com 

New features of Whatsapp Plus

  • You can change the colours, fonts, and themes of WhatsApp.
  • You can disable voice calls and hide your profile picture without knowing anyone.
  • Multiple account support – up to 4 accounts. You can easily use more than one account simultaneously.
  • Possible to ‘undelete’ previously sent messages.

Whatsapp Mods Apps Are Safe To Use?

Before writing my view on it.  Do I just need to ask you for what purpose you are going to install GB WhatsApp? Probably your response should be that you are likely to use it because it contains some cool features that the original/official WhatsApp does not have. So only think twice why anyone gives you that so-called awesome looking features for free? and we all recognize that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program globally. So in the majority of the cases, some coders or developers just target the popular program and made the altered version of the app (that includes some additional codes), and then they just spread it online.

But on the other hand, according to Developers of WhatsApp mods apps says that we don’t use our own servers for data transfer. Your data is as safe as it is on official WhatsApp. Your conversations are end to end encrypted like original WhatsApp apps adding more they say we just add some extra cool features in official WhatsApp otherwise you are sharing your data through official WhatsApp servers even while using mod apps


You can download this app but you have to be careful while using WhatsApp plus or any other mod APK. If you found any suspicious activity while using these apps you should immediately uninstall the app.

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